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Birth is awesome. After more than thirty years in this work I am still amazed and inspired to be a part of this time in people’s lives. The power of women in labor, the intricate dance between mother and baby as they do the transforming work of birth is incredible to witness. I am a mother, grandmother and midwife for over thirty years. This site is full of birth stories and pictures of happy families. Informacion en Espanol. Homeopathy is one of my areas of expertise and you can find information and a labor stimulation formula here. There is also a CD on homeopathy for sale.The homeopathic birth kit is ready and there is a page here. It has twelve single remedies and my exclusive labor stimulation formula. I have news alerts- right now these focus on Cytotec and Gardisil. I am writing books of birth stories and there is ordering information here. you can contact me by e-mail or phone. If time is important, please call. 520-432-2351   dianeinbisbee@yahoo.com I welcome feedback. Enjoy!

Recent News:

May 2012- Caring for my mother took over my year in 2011. Now I’m back on track here and you will see new items regularly. We had a wonderful home waterbirth on Mother’s Day. A first time mom and she only pushed 22 minutes for an eight pound baby. We have a momma’s support group meeting every other Wednesday here at 4pm. All are welcome and the next meeting is the 30th. I’m also doing prenatal water aerobic classes on Tuesdays at 4pm. You can call or e-mail for directions.

June 2011- If you are a repeat visitor you will see new stories and pictures here now and more coming. I have to alert everyone about toxemia or preeclampsia. Three women recently have told me about having it. Unfortunately the medical system does not know how to handle this other than to induce labor even if very early. Dr. Brewer solved this puzzle over forty years ago. Eat more protein. It is that simple and has worked for my clients every time. Sometimes just one more serving a day is enough. If it is more severe, eat 2 ounces of protein every two hours even at night if you wake up. A close friend’s daughter just had a baby at 24 weeks when more protein probably would have meant she’d go full-term.

I’m moving my mother in with me. She will be 90 in August and having problems after a stroke. This will likely mean less time for writing here.
A new video for the center up on Youtube and a Facebook page for Gentle Birth Services.
Hope you are enjoying your summer, Diane
May 2011- The homeopathic birth kit is ready to ship. There is a page under homeopathy and it’s on the product page. I’m adding pictures and soon many more stories and articles so keep checking.
to joyful birth, Diane
April 2011-
As you can see life is still flying along and I’m not making great progress here. One radio interview from a NYC radio station is archived at www.progressiveradionetwork.com if you’d like to listen. I have a video tour of my birth center onYoutube. I have created a homeopathic birth kit and will have a flyer and ordering information here soon.
Some people have called me with trouble with the Paypal on this site. You can always e-mail me dianeinbisbee@yahoo.com or call
520-432-2351. Money sent through Paypal to my e-mail works even when the site isn’t. Hope to have this fixed soon.
Happy spring, Diane
January 2011
Hi Friends.
I hope you all had great holidays and time with your families. The babies gave me twelve hours after I got home and there’s been no slow down since. This means it’s taking longer to expand the website but more is on the way. I’ll have a new birth story book coming out this year and my first book will be out as an audiobook. A couple of radio interviews coming up soon and I’ll post the information here. Have a great year.
December 2010
Hi visitors,
As usual things take longer than I think they will. You are seeing the new, revised site but it will be a while longer before I can even get up all that was on the old site. I hope you will keep checking back. We will be doing a video of the birth center soon and it will be on Youtube as well as here. I actually get to visit my family this Christmas and I’ve never been out of Bisbee this time of year. Be safe and have wonderful holidays.
with joy and peace, Diane
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