Tree Of Life: Stories Of Birth

       A uniguely rich blend of memoir and practical information, Tree Of Life: Stories Of Birth, chronicles the evolution of one midwife through the seventies and eighties. About fifty women’s birth stories are shared. Tthe differences between midwifery and medical models of care is explored and relevant research is woven into the stories.

     Parents-to-be reading this book will be empowered to make choices for their own best birth. They will learn about the incredible range and diversity of normal birth. Professionals can gain a new perspective and insight into the choices some families make and understand the awesomesness of free, unmanaged, mother-led birth.

     Diane Gregg,LM,RN has been working with birthing families for over thirty years, starting at Denver General Hospital. She has taught childbirth classes, been an OB supervisor and a labor and delivery nurse. Diane is the mother of four, all born at home and a grandmother.

“Riveting, I couldn’t put it down.” Victoria Sky, mother and artist

     ” In this delightfully personal and well-written book, Diane Gregg has presented the concept that women ‘give birth to their babies’ and not that ‘another person delivers the baby’. In doing this, she empowers each woman to truly feel her own connectedness with her body and with her baby. These stories of real live people recognize the sacredness of the birth experience.”

                                                                                                                                  Gladys McGarey, MD, author of Born To Live and The Physician Within

$15. includes S&H