Saint’s Day Baby

This was the second birth I attended with Dawn and Jim. Their first daughter, Olivia, was born in a birth center with midwives. Ruby was born at home with my services. This couple lives two hours away from me but because Jim is a family practice doctor, we all felt comfortable with this distance . . . → Read More: Saint’s Day Baby


I began my work with birthing women at Denver General Hospital and worked there for a year and a half. During that time I attended my first home birth and knew this was my true heart’s work.

In early 1974, I moved to New Mexico. I was in a small community outside Albuquerque and . . . → Read More: Serendipity

Jeremy’s Arrival

It was very exciting after working with birthing for four years to finally be having my own much-longed for baby. I had suffered two miscarriages previously. I learned about birthing and a lot about myself during this experience as I know we all do. Gail Peterson, author of , Pregnancy As Healing, says, ‘as you . . . → Read More: Jeremy’s Arrival

Thanksgiving Baby

     All through my first pregnancy at age 23, I thought I was carrying a girl. I’d had a female spirit with me since I was 20 and assumed she was coming in. Ultimately she is my fourth child born twelve years after the first baby. Jeremy, our first child, was the only one where we had . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving Baby

A Surprising Birth


My husband and I thought three years between babies was good timing. We had easily conceived our first son, Jeremy, when desired. I had watched my cycles for years but after nine months of having sex during my fertile time, we had not conceived this time. We decided it must not be the . . . → Read More: A Surprising Birth

Water Power

Janet, Gino and Dominic twelve years later

This was a second birth for Janet and Gino. Little Gino had been born in the hospital. There were no problems but it was a typical interventive, managed birth and they wanted something different this time. Pregnancy was uneventful and little Gino . . . → Read More: Water Power

Double Victory Night

     I had known Carol and Clarence a little socially for a couple of years.They came to see me when they were forty weeks pregnant. They had planned to birth in the hospital but now the doctor was wanting to induce labor as she had hit the 40 week mark. Normal term pregnancy is . . . → Read More: Double Victory Night

All In A Day’s Work

      I was in my second year of private practice as a midwife when I became pregnant with my fourth child. My other three children had been born at home and I looked forward to this last baby’s birth. When I was a few months pregnant, a dear friend came to see me. Cathe . . . → Read More: All In A Day’s Work

Flora’s Birth

Flora was probably the twelfth birth I attended outside the hospital. I lost all my earlier records in a fire. She came to me in 1977 or 1978. Flora was about thirty-eight and pregnant with her first child. She was a very nervous, high strung woman and I did have some concerns about how . . . → Read More: Flora’s Birth