Gentle Birth Services

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Gentle Birth Services and Family Center

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   821 Hwy 92,   Bisbee


      Hi, I am Diane Gregg, LM . I have been involved with birth for over thirty-five years and have been licensed as a midwife in Arizona since 1987. I have a birth center in Bisbee with two private birth suites. Each suite has it’s own kitchen and bath and they both have tubs for waterbirth. One is small and has a Jacuzzi feature. the other is large enough for two people and has underwater lights for pictures or video. I also attend home births and provide total prenatal and birth care. I have worked with a couple thousand births in the hospital as an RN and have been the primary midwife at over 600 births.

     Midwives consider pregnancy and birth to be a natural part of the life cycle. The midwife supports and preserves the natural progression of pregnancy, labor and birth, guarding against unnecessary and potentially harmful interventions. Family members are an integral part of the experience. Women choosing midwifery are able to claim the experience as their own, maintaining control over their physical and emotional environment. Being upright increases the pressure of contractions by 35mm and puts the force into the cervix and not your back as when lying down. Midwives encourage movement in labor and birthing in whatever position feels best to the mother. We also encourage eating and drinking as the mother desires.

     Midwives have generally excellent safety records. In my own practice, 96% of women birth without any intervention. I have a 3% cesarean rate and the national rate is 33% in 2009. I use homeopathy which is natural and totally safe for mom and baby. It is wonderfully effective with pain relief, stimulating labor, turning breeches and many other things. Water is considered the midwive’s epidural and also has great results in pain relief and fast births.

     There is no separation of mom and baby. Family and friends are welcome to participate however the mother desires. Pictures and video are also fine. The cost is about 1/3 the hospital-doctor rate and I do accept insurance.

     I have irregular center hours. Drop-ins are welcome when I am here and appointments can be scheduled for any day and time. There is no charge to come look around and have your questions answered.