Movie Schedule


my grandson at two

                                                                                                                                MOVIE SCHEDULE 2011

     I am busy finishing two book projects. I have many movies and am happy to share those with anyone interested. I have a list of titles below and please call 520-432-2351 if you would like to schedule a viewing of one or more. Have a great 2011.

Expectant Fathers                             two on circumcision

Five Women, Five Births                Special Delivery

Diapers and Delerium  and Postpartum: The Bittersweet Experience         Birth As We Know It

Hey What About Me?- sibling video                     Children At Birth

Knowing the Unborn                                                   Babies Know

A Clear Road to Birth- unassisted birth              Birth Reborn

Miracle of Life- fetal development                       Giving Birth: Challenges and Choices

The Business of Being Born                                     Baby Alive- first aid and childproofing

Sex, Love and Babies: How Babies Change a Marriage           Born in Water

Birthday                                                                                        Attending Birth

breech videos  and ones re stillbirth