This kit contains twelve single remedies and my exclusive labor stimulation formula. All are in a 200c potency which is not available in stores. There is a CD, Basic Homeopathy For Birth, which covers 36 remedies in an hour long program. Case studies are included as well as information on pain relief in labor, turning breech babies and starting labor. It is four segments: introduction; pregnancy; labor and birth; and homeopathic birth stories. It has a list of the remedies discussed, where to order them and additional references. The birth kit has three written pages: a quick labor referral page; one on the labor stimulation formula and one on other uses in life for these remedies.

Diane Gregg, LM, RN is a midwife with over thirty years attending births and twenty years using homeopathy in her practice. She has had several articles on homeopathy published in Midwifery Today magazine.

Diane is the mother of four children born at home and two grandsons; she was the midwife for her youngest daughter three years ago. She has three books published with another out soon and audiobooks in the future.

$100.00 personal homeopathic birth kit with S&H

50 doses of each remedy

$130.oo professional birth kit with S&H

100 doses of each remedy