Audio CD

Basic Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth

This is an hour long program covering thirty-six homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy is a safe, inexpensive and very effective way of handling situations in pregnancy and birth. It is approved by the FDA and remedies can be purchased over the counter by anyone.You will learn how to turn a breech baby, rotate a posterior one, induce labor, relieve pain and many other things. Symptom pictures, dosages and effectiveness are simply covered so someone with no previous experience will be comfortable using homeopathy after listening to this program. Many stories and case studies make clear how homeopathy is actually used throughout a labor and birth. A list of the remedies as well as books for further learning and ordering information for homeopathics is enclosed with the CD. A one-time phone or e-mail consultation free is included as well.

You can send a check or money order to:
Gentle Birth Services
821 Hwy 92
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