“My labor assistant was my friend, my strength, my shield, my teacher, and most of all, my anchor in a sea of confusion, pain and fatigue. She was to me what a lighthouse was to a ship, a gentle guide showing you your destination and helping you avoid unnecessary hazards.”                                                                                                — a mother

Many . . . → Read More: Doulas

Golden Matrix

This title came to me in a vision one day when meditating. I saw the energy we put out in thoughts of love and peace, radiating from our hearts and hands, and connecting us with all others around the Earth. Each connection was another golden thread of love energy joining to form a golden . . . → Read More: Golden Matrix

Creating Matrixes

The word matrix comes from Latin meaning “womb”. We get the words mother, matter, and material from the root matrix. Webster’s also defines matrix as:

the cavity in which something is formed the rock in which a fossil or mineral is embedded in printing – a mold from which a plate can be made . . . → Read More: Creating Matrixes

Gardisil Alert

Gardisil is the vaccine to protect against HPV that is having a huge media campaign. Some people even want to pass laws making it mandatory. Let’s look at this issue more closely.

There are 100 strains of HPV and Gardisil protects against two of them. 44% of American women age 20-24 are infected with . . . → Read More: Gardisil Alert

Kids at Birth

Last week I did a prenatal in a woman’s home. Her four children were in the room. As I got ready to listen to the baby’s heartbeat with the Doppler, the three-year-old (whose birth we had also attended) says, “I’ll get you a tissue” — to wipe off the ultrasounds gel. Children are so . . . → Read More: Kids at Birth

Saint’s Day Baby

This was the second birth I attended with Dawn and Jim. Their first daughter, Olivia, was born in a birth center with midwives. Ruby was born at home with my services. This couple lives two hours away from me but because Jim is a family practice doctor, we all felt comfortable with this distance . . . → Read More: Saint’s Day Baby


I began my work with birthing women at Denver General Hospital and worked there for a year and a half. During that time I attended my first home birth and knew this was my true heart’s work.

In early 1974, I moved to New Mexico. I was in a small community outside Albuquerque and . . . → Read More: Serendipity

Doing it Her Way

I met Deana at a party when she was seven months pregnant with her second child.  Her first two babies had been horrendous hospital births and she was looking forward to something different this time.  (I’m sorry the state midwife director made me remove most of this story.)

In June 1994, Deana was . . . → Read More: Doing it Her Way

Medical-Physiological Pathways of Birth

General Differences Between a traditional US Hospital Birth, and a Home/Midwife Attended Birth US Medical/Hospital Home/Midwife Limit of two support people Presence of friends, family, and children Confinement to bed or one position Freedom to walk and change positions as desired Induction and augmentation of labor: Spontaneous labor or natural alternatives: Stripping membranes, rupturing . . . → Read More: Medical-Physiological Pathways of Birth

Jeremy’s Arrival

It was very exciting after working with birthing for four years to finally be having my own much-longed for baby. I had suffered two miscarriages previously. I learned about birthing and a lot about myself during this experience as I know we all do. Gail Peterson, author of , Pregnancy As Healing, says, ‘as you . . . → Read More: Jeremy’s Arrival