Golden Matrix

This title came to me in a vision one day when meditating. I saw the energy we put out in thoughts of love and peace, radiating from our hearts and hands, and connecting us with all others around the Earth. Each connection was another golden thread of love energy joining to form a golden matrix covering the surface of the Earth. This matrix can transform our lives and our Earth to reflect our ideals of love and peace.

Matrix is the Latin word for womb. We get the words matter, material, and mother from the word matrix. It’s interesting to me that these words all come from a common root. The mother supplies the matrix, the safe place, for matter to grow and unfold. We all need this. We need mothering, we need a safe place to explore and expand. The Earth needs nurturing, too. She is our mother and supplies all our needs. Lack of reverence and nurturing of the Mother, in all her forms, has brought us to a point where we all face imminent destruction.

We are all concerned about the need for changes in the world and many of us are working in many ways to bring these changes about. I think we have neglected one of our greatest resources for change: Our spiritual energy and what we can manifest with out mind power.

I would like to propose a system we can put into effect today, individually, at no cost, and of a great benefit in creating the changes we would like to see. Let us together, in our minds, create a matrix of golden Light energy surrounding and supporting and healing the Earth and all her peoples. The technique is very easy. Whether you choose to call it prayer, meditation or some other name, the method is the same. Slow your breathing and use whatever techniques work for you to center yourself.

Now visualize the changes you/we desire. See people relating to each other with love and respect.  See us all nurturing and supporting each other, ourselves, and the Earth: See it, hear it, smell it, create it! The more detail you put into it, the more energy is released for manifestation.

Verbal affirmations cane also be used. Some suggestions are:

People’s hearts are now open to the truth and spirit of Love and Peace.

Love and protection surrounds the Earth and all beings here.

Positive changes in the world are now being made with grace, in perfect ways.

Now, join your consciousness with ours. Let the Light manifest on Earth. Feel the energy of all others joined with us now to create positive change. Give your energy. Forget separateness. Be sustained by the energy that created us and that is given us to create perfect life here on Earth.

In the realms of the mind, time does not exist. Simply take a few minutes, one or twice a day to visualize and affirm the reality we want to create. This energy is real and if done with sincere intent will heal ourselves, our lives and our Earth.

Let us remember and use the power of our minds as well as our bodies to create the world we truly desire.

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